Dear Friends,

My name is David Luther. I founded The Natural Health Solutions Center 20 years ago after becoming very interested in what could be accomplished in improving human health through the utilization of nature based products.

We have worked with Naturopathic Physicians, Integrative Doctors and Consultants to help us develop protocols for addressing a number of health issues. My scientific background (Bachelor of Science Degree from Princeton University) and work experience have been helpful in doing this research. Our mission ultimately became to determine which of the many available alternative technologies and products are most effective in helping the human body improve and maintain its health.

We, as Americans, tend to be well aware of the pharmaceutical options available to us. While it is always advisable to keep your doctor informed about your health issues, do be aware that their training is usually in the more invasive options of pharmaceuticals and surgery. They may not have much knowledge about nutrition or alternative therapies, and thus may be naturally skeptical of their benefits. We hope that what we offer in products and benefit information on this website will help you fill this gap.

We wish you all the best that life and good health have to offer.

David Luther

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