Arginine - Circulation & Cardio Support

Improves circulation
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• Arginine is the raw material that your body uses to make Nitric-Oxide, which your body uses to regulate blood flow. 

• More Nitric-Oxide increases circulation 

• Additional circulation will help clean your vascular system over a few months. We usually recommend 4 months.

• To confirm the benefit that you will receive from the Arginine, you can get a CT scan of your chest for less than $80 at most outpatient clinics.

• A radiologist and a cardiologist will review your scan and give you a "plaque buildup score."

• At the end of this period you can get another chest scan and see the improvement in your score.

• Dosage: 4 Capsules = 3 Grams/day

Our formula is is 33% Citruline, which acts like a time release Arginine.
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Arginine - Circulation & Cardio Support