We have developed magnetic products for health such as magnetic foot inserts that will definitely provide relief to you from pain and postural problems. Read More
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All Electronic communications devices, such as cell phones and WiFi, use pulsing Electromagnetic Fields (EMF's) to accomplish their communications missions. Unfortunately, these EMF's have a negative effect on your health. Read More
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Magnetic Mattress Pads Research Study

Apr 27, 2012 2:49:25 PM

Summary of a 12-month, double-blind, clinical test of magnetic mattress pads carried out by San-ikukai Hospital, Tokyo Communications Hospital and Kouseikai Suzuki Hospital, by Dr. Kazuo Shimodaira.

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A Bio-Magnetic Theory Explained

Mar 21, 2012 11:44:18 AM



     Magnetic fields have been used for thousands of years to aid health and healing.  But, do they really work?  At the Natural Health Solutions Center, we have found that:

  1. The majority of people will feel tingling or warmth in their feet when a magnetic insole is placed under one of their feet.  This should be an indication of increased circulation.
  2. Thermal Imaging (i.e.: heat sensitive photography) confirms that there is an increase in the temperature of feet or hands when in the presence of a magnetic field.
  3. After 2 minutes exposure to a strong (rotating) magnetic field, arm and shoulder flexibility is increased by 10% or more for most people.  This is based on the flexibility evidenced when pulling both arms back from behind, until the shoulder muscles become tight.  This demonstration indicates the relaxation of muscles, which could be brought about through increased blood flow.  Warming up prior to strenuous exercise would create a similar result.
  4. There are significant increases in perceived strength (based on an arm strength test), and balance (based on pushing up one’s rigid, outstretched arms until the toes come up). Based on the fundamental principles of Applied Kinesiology, these tests indicate that magnetics are doing something the body likes, from a physiologic standpoint.
  5. Research further indicates that magnetic fields may increase blood flow.  (Effects of Magnetic Fields on Microcirculatory Blood Flow… by Shigeru Ichioka, Dept. of Medical Research, Tokyo University)


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