Though most of us are aware of how important it is to drink enough water every day to ensure a healthy body, the quality of our water is still a major concern. Drinking low-quality or polluted water can have a drastic impact on our health. It can make us sick or vulnerable to a variety of water-borne diseases. Though there isn’t much that we can do about the quality of water we are getting to our homes, we can improve the quality of the water we are drinking by using a good water filter system.

Among various types of water filter systems available, countertop and undercounter designs are the easiest solutions to tap water improvement. They are “point-of-use” water filtration systems that can be installed exactly where you want access to water. Attach them directly to your faucet and you are ready to dispense clean water right in your kitchen. Another good thing about countertop and undercounter water filter systems is that they take up minimal space and do not require extensive plumbing connections to operate. So even if you have limited space in your kitchen, one of these water filter systems can easily fit in.

Countertop and Undercounter Water Filter Systems by the Natural Health Solutions feature Magnetic Water Filtration

Running your water through a strong magnetic field improves the bio-availability and detoxification potential of water. The magnetic field breaks up large clumps of water molecules into much smaller groups, thus making it easier for the water to get into the body’s cells (hydration) and remove toxins (detoxification). Countertop and undercounter water filter systems by The Natural Health Solutions Center feature magnetic water filtration technology to better help you eliminate toxins from your body, thus allowing you to maintain a more alkaline body chemistry.  An alkaline body chemistry is crucial to your health, energy, immune function and longevity. These systems can easily fit virtually any type of faucet in the US.  And, the under-counter version of the magnetic water filtration  system can be conveniently installed out of sight.

There is no alternative to clean drinking water! Give your family the alkalizing benefits of pure, clean water straight from your faucet with a Natural Health Solutions countertop or undercounter water filter system, featuring magnetic water enhancement.