Collagen performs many critical tasks — it is responsible for providing structure and elasticity to our skin, vascular system and other organs. It also helps to keep your bones and cartilage healthy.

Unfortunately, collagen levels decline with age, causing wrinkles and sagging skin, among other issues.  Over the past few years, collagen supplements have received a lot of attention as a potential remedy for age-related skin changes. It has joined the category of targeted nutritional supplements that people take on a regular basis for enhanced health and a better sense of well-being.

In this blog, we will cover some more specific benefits of supplementing your collagen intake:

Enhanced Skin Health 

As mentioned above, aging slows down the body’s ability to produce collagen. This may ultimately cause fine lines, dry skin, and wrinkles. A number of studies have exhibited the effectiveness of collagen supplements in slowing down age-related skin issues. In one particular study, women who consumed beverages containing collagen supplements for the duration of 12 weeks had more hydrated skin and lighter wrinkles in comparison to the control group.

Another study found evidence that collagen supplements may encourage the body to ramp up its own collagen production. In addition, it should also work wonders for your hair and nails!

Keeps Joint Pain At Bay 

Collagen boosts the health of your cartilage, which is the tissue responsible for the protection of your joints. With age, you run the risk of suffering from joint disorders such as osteoarthritis. However, consuming collagen supplements may help to make up for any protein deficit and, thus, relieve pain. Activities of daily living such as walking and getting up from a sitting position should also become significantly easier for those suffering from arthritis.

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Enhanced Heart Health 

While more research is being conducted in this area, it is believed that low collagen levels may cause your arteries to get weaker and more brittle as you age. This increases your susceptibility to heart attacks and strokes. The intake of collagen supplements may promote good cardiovascular health. The adage is, “You are only as old as your vascular system is inflexible.


Collagen has a very important role to play in sustaining your body’s vital organs. It is critical for keeping your largest organ - the skin - in great health! Consuming such targeted nutritional supplements should prove to be of significant benefit to you and your entire family.