Muscle Response Testing Procedure


Muscle Response Testing Procedure

This procedure will provide an objective, measurable indication of relative benefit for any food or supplement:

1. Establish your baseline strength: Hold a thumb against the middle finger on the same hand, keeping your other fingers away as much as possible. Now, have someone pull your thumb and finger apart slowly. It is helpful to use a count of 1001, 1002, with enough force to have the fingers come apart on 1002.

2. Suggestion: If the person doing the pulling is much weaker than the person being tested, then it may be helpful to use the next to last finger, or even the little finger, against the thumb, rather than the middle finger. This should ensure that the person doing the pulling is able to get the fingers apart, even if the testing person’s strength does increase.

3. Comparing a known unhealthy food to a known good food: Place a piece of candy under the tongue and repeat the above test. Note any strength change. Then dispose of the candy without swallowing. Now repeat this strength test with any known good food, such as an almond or dried bean. Again, note the strength change. You should have noted that you were significantly stronger with the almond or bean under your tongue than the candy. If you did not notice this, drink 8 oz. of water and eat a balanced snack. Then try this procedure again in 15 minutes.

4. How can your strength change so quickly?  If you know anyone who has angina of the heart, you may know that they get a nearly instantaneous relaxation of their heart muscle, and thus a reduction of their chest pain, when they put a nitroglycerine pill under their tongue. This happens much faster than the nitroglycerine can get into their blood stream and to their heart. We, as human beings, have a non-cognitive ability to sense whether something is good for us or not. While this facet of human physiology has been well confirmed through the study of Applied Kinesiology, it is not yet fully understood. These principles are commonly used by Naturopathic Physicians, Acupuncturists, Herbalists and some Chiropractors. If you have not heard of them, you are not alone. Few people outside of these professions seem to be aware of these physiologic principles and the related techniques.

5. Test any nutritional supplements that you are currently taking, using the same muscle response techniques noted above. Write in the names of the supplements being tested on the test form and note your approximate strength change for each supplement in the appropriate box.

6. Now, test any new supplements that you are interested in, using the same procedure.
Based on the principles of Applied Kinesiology, the supplements that generate the greatest strength improvement are the ones for which your body has the greatest need. Witness the candy vs. the bean. Thus, through this procedure, you can get an objective, measurable indication of what your body truly needs. Through this “language,” your body can express what it wants and needs to improve and maintain its (and your) health.

7. pH Testing: Wet the litmus paper (available from Natural Health Solutions or at many pharmacies) with your saliva. Circle the color at the bottom of the test sheet. If you are below 7, this is an indication that your body is acidic. This is not a desirable condition. Acidity can cause low energy, impaired immune system function and can contribute to cancer growth. To improve this situation, you can do the following:

  • Drink lots of clean, non-chlorinated water – about ½ of your body weight in ounces (100# person should drink 40 to 50 oz. of water a day). Bottled water is not a good source, based on muscle response tests, because the soft plastic of the bottle leaches chemicals into the water. Our magnetic water filtration system is ideal for providing healthy, energized, good tasting water.
  • Far-Infrared materials – such as the NHS comforter. See our website for how to confirm the acid neutralization potential of these fibers using a simple lemon test.
  • Magnetic products – which increase circulation, provide a better avenue to get rid of toxins and the waste byproducts of respiration.
  • Ensure proper nutrition – by providing a good nutritional foundation utilizing selected, high quality supplements. It is very hard to get proper nutrition in our busy modern world, with all of the processed foods we eat.

8. Further Reading: The principals of Muscle Response Testing and Applied Kinesiology are further explained in a number of books. We would recommend Your Body Doesn’t Lie by John Diamond, M.D., and Your Body Can Talk by Susan Levy, D.C. and Carol Lehr, M.A. Body acidity is explored in Alkalize or Die, by Dr. T. Baroody.