All Electronic communications devices, such as cell phones and WiFi, use pulsing Electromagnetic Fields (EMF's) to accomplish their communications missions. Unfortunately, these EMF's have a negative effect on your health. This is largely because of radiation damage to your DNA, which can be significant over time. Also, EMF's can have a negative effect on your nervous system based on the fact that it works through electrical impulses that can be affected by the EMF's.

Fortunately, there are effective devices to protect you from your phone's and computer's EMF's and from ambient EMF's generated by WiFi, Cell phone towers, Self reporting meters, Televisions, and other EMF emitting devices. They usually work through the use Rare Earth materials that generate Low Frequency Fields which your body likes, and which can turn off the toxic effects of the higher frequency devices used in electronic communication. There are also devices or pendants that you can wear that include a Tesla coil that are effective in protecting you from ambient EMF's that are present in most places we live and work. These can improve your ability to concentrate and increase your energy level as they dramatically reduce the negative (toxic) effects of EMF's.

One of the ways that we have been able to confirm that these devices work is through Applied Kinesiology, or Muscle Response Testing. When someone uses their cell phone to make a call, their strength is reduced by about 30%. When we apply the protective device to their phone, their strength goes up from their baseline by 30%, providing a 60% swing, thus confirming that the device is of significant benefit. Similarly, for the Protective Pendants and devices that plug into a wall socket to protect about a 1500 sq. ft. area, your strength will increase about 30% once the Pendant is put on, or the device is plugged in vs. prior to that.

We guarantee these results from the devices we offer. We also have excellent research documentation regarding the efficacy of these devices.