The Real Truth about Vitamins & Supplements


The Real Truth about Vitamins & Supplements

From the Health Alert Newsletter by Dr. Bruce West

 Phyto-nutrient complexes are completely unlike the vitamins and supplements sold in (most) stores, even those that claim to be made from whole foods.  That’s because although these products may start out as real food, by the time they make their way to market, they’re anything but.

Manufacturers use an industrial process called fractionating to split a food into its separate nutritional components.  These isolated nutrients are then re-combined in pill form and sold as “natural.”

 But by their very nature, these products are totally unnatural.  Once you fraction out an isolated nutrient, you’ve created a chemical.  More importantly, these products are inherently incomplete.  The human body utilizes nutrients in conjunction with one another.

 Phyto-nutrient complexes contain a combination of all the ingredients found in nature, rather than just the so-called “active ingredients” the manufacturers decide to put in their pills.

 For example, most people think that beta-carotene is a critical antioxidant that needs to be in their vitamin pill.  Yet beta-carotene is really only one of hundreds of carotenes found naturally in foods.  When one is fractionated away from the others, the resulting compound fails to work as intended.  In fact, new research shows that high doses of synthetic beta-carotene make certain types of cancer worse.

 Taking high dosages of the synthetic or fractionated beta-carotene and other antioxidants commonly sold in stores can result in impaired immunity, the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve!

 Compounding the problem is that store-bought nutritional products lack the coenzymes and trace minerals that are necessary for the body to absorb the nutrients.  In past issues of Health Alert, I warned readers that almost all store-bought vitamins are concocted in a laboratory, like:

  • Vitamin B-12 made from activated sewage sludge
  • Vitamin D concocted from irradiated oil
  • Vitamin E straight from the labs at Eastman Kodak

Store-bought supplements are relatively easy and inexpensive to make.  Phytonutrient complexes, on the other hand, utilize a patented time-consuming process that ensures the finished product retains the live nutritional value of the raw materials.

 Editor’s Note:  Natural Health Solutions Supplements are made to pharmaceutical standards, primarily from concentrated whole foods of the highest quality.