The Water You Drink Can Make or Break Your Health

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The Water You Drink Can Make or Break Your Health

“The more we learn about water, the more obvious it will become that a good quantity and quality of water is a cornerstone of sound health.” Rudolph Ballantine, M.D., author of Radical Healing (1999), 

Exactly How Important is Water Really?                                                                                                                   

-  Water carries away excess wastes and flushes out toxins.

-  Water metabolizes stored fat and reduces fatty deposits and controls our body temperature.

-  Water is Mother Nature’s greatest beauty tonic and is a natural diuretic.

-  Water protects our body’s cells from attacks from diseases, viruses, etc.

-  Water is necessary for the chemical reactions in our body to occur through a process of hydrolysis.

-  Water flows through our cell membranes generating hydroelectric energy (voltage) that is converted and stored in our cells.

-  Water holds our cell contents in their proper structural place, allowing for optimal functioning.


Water Deficiency Issues

By understanding the proportion of water occupying our cells, tissues and organs and the known functions of water, we can already begin to appreciate what might happen if our bodies lack water.  Here are some specifics concerning water deficiency:

-  75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.

-  In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so weak that it is often mistaken for hunger.

-  Even MILD dehydration will slow down one's metabolism as much as 3%.

-  One glass of water shut down midnight hunger pangs for almost 100% of the dieters studied in a U-Washington study.

-  Lack of water, the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue.  Inadequate water intake also contributes to:    
       -  Sinus problems, Allergies and breathing difficulties

       -  Joint discomforts, Neck pain, Obesity and digestive problems

       -  Headaches, Stress, Impotence and Depression

       -  Heart problems, high blood pressure and high cholesterol



What is it?

It is energy water.  It is something alive.  Pi-water was discovered through the study of botanical physiology.  It was originally thought that a hormone was responsible for causing plants to bud.  Dr. Yamashita was conducting research, attempting to isolate this hormone, when he discovered that what was causing the flower to bud was not a hormone at all but a very minute amount of ferric ferrous salt. In 1964, Dr. Yamashita, an agricultural scholar furthered his research and found that this substance had other highly beneficial qualities.


Inducing ferric ferrous salt into a high-energy state and infusing it through a ceramic filter process creates Pi -water.  A  particle is a quantum particle smaller than an electron, neutron and proton.  The  meson causes the protons and neutrons to exchange energy states with one another, which create energy and electrical charges of it’s own.  The amount of ferric ferrous (bivalent and trivalent ferrite) is minute, a quantum particle – essentially such a trace amount that it is only the energetic signature of the substance, which remains.  (2x 10-12 mol.)  Homeopathy also utilizes the trace signature of the substance.  It is theorized that these quantum particles are conductors and are responsible for carrying information and cellular “memories” (previously encoded information) such as natural bio-energetic and healing processes.


At an International Symposium on Preventative Oncology held in France in 1998, the participants were very excited about the extraordinary benefits of -water.  The following was reported:

-  It is the closest water to human body water

-  It possesses high anti-oxidation properties because of it’s ability to eliminate free radicals

-  It increases the body’s amount of natural killer cells

-  It improves the self-healing activity of body cells – waking up cellular “memories” of health

-  It carries more oxygen through the body, creating an oxygen rich environment which destroys anaerobic organisms (i.e. cancer)

-  It creates minute water clusters which improves the functions of cells and the detoxifying effects of water

-  It improves cellular adaptation to stress and stressful environments

-  It neutralizes the pH of water, bringing it to just above 7 which is very close to the pH of the body (few filtration systems manage water pH, as well as magnetic forces , far-infrared wave and  infusion)

-  It enhances the transmission of information throughout the body