Ways You Can Treat Your Excruciating Feet Pain

Are you struggling with feet pain? Have all sorts of medications and painkillers proven useless for the pain in your feet? Do not worry as The Natural Health Solutions Center is there to ease your feet pain. Since our sole motive is to better people’s health by using natural means, we have developed magnetic products for health such as magnetic foot inserts that will definitely provide relief to you from pain and postural problems.

Before we delve into how magnetic inserts can help you, let’s first take a look at the causes of foot pain. Most feet pain is associated with inflammation of the tendons, bones, or ligaments. Here are some common causes of feet pain.

  •   Septic arthritis
  •   Achilles tendinitis
  •   Ingrown toenails
  •   Plantar fasciitis
  •   Bunions
  •   Flatfeet
  •   Rheumatoid arthritis
  •   Morton’s neuroma
  •   Peripheral neuropathy
  •  Diabetic neuropathy

There are other causes as well such as psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, Achilles tendon ruptures, high heels or poorly fitting shoes, etc. Depending on your cause of foot pain, you can either go for orthotics or inserts.


You can go for orthotics if your foot pain is way too much. The best thing about orthotics is that they can be made as per your feet size, enabling them to fit nicely on your feet and provide maximum support. Orthotics are known for adjusting biomechanical problems in your body and effectively deal with the pain that is caused due to medical problems such as arthritis and diabetes. You can also expect it to better your posture. They can last for as long as 5 years.


Foot inserts are created to ease pain in the joints. They are mostly made up of foam, gel, or plastic. You can receive arch support or add cushioning for your whole foot or toes and heel. Unlike orthotics, you cannot get customized inserts made for you. These are perfect for those who experience pain occasionally and are looking for short-term pain relief solutions.

Magnetic Shoe Inserts

These inserts contain static magnets in them. When you use these inserts, your feet and lower legs receive better blood flow and nerve impulses get modified. Not just that, you also get better oxygen flow to the tissues along with lowered acidity of bodily fluids around the magnetized area.

The great thing about magnetic inserts is that they help provide our body cells with key energy. Not a lot of people know this but our bodies build their own magnetic fields. How does this happen? It happens because of massive electrical activity without our cells. The magnetic field that our body creates helps us regulate our basic chemistry. But when a cell is harmed, this regulation process gets hindered. Magnetic field therapy using magnetic inserts re-energizes our cells to continue their functioning.

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