Universal Chip, Electromagnetic Field Protection

The revolutionary GIA/BioPro Universal Guard provides your first line of defense against electromagnetic field radiation (EMR) generated by the appliances around you.  Using a special polymer in this device, and the energy from the appliance it is attached to, it generates a low frequency field that is beneficial to your body, and which neutralizes the effects of exposure to harmful EMR.

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The Universal Guard uses the proprietary GIAplex™ technology, a cutting-edge dual-action process that's not only one-of-a kind, but also universal in its application.  Easily attaches to any computer, TV, hair dryer, etc. Click here to learn how to confirm that these appliances present a health hazard, and that this device is a solution to the problem.


Made in the USA by a military defense contractor!

Works on any wired, and/or wireless devices in home, office, etc.!

Only patented product of its kind in the world!

Not available in stores!

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