Recommendations for Enhancing the body’s  ability to address Iron Overload (Hemochromatosis)

What causes iron overload?
Iron overload is the absorption of too much iron from a person’s regular diet, causing toxins to be absorbed into the blood stream.


  • Chronic fatigue
  • Cirrhosis of the liver (with or without alcohol use)
  • Liver Cancer
  • Arthritis or joint pain
  • Impotence/ low libido
  • Sterility
  • Early Menopause
  • Hair loss
  • Diabetes (bronze diabetes, which is characterized by blue or gray skin tones)
  • Weight loss
  • Cancer
  • Abdominal pain/Swelling
  • Weakened immune system
  • Headaches
  • Always feeling cold
  • Heart irregularities

1. Detoxify the body
Quickest way to rid the body of excess iron is to donate blood. By ridding the body of some blood it is also ridding itself of excess toxins such as iron.

  • De-toxion Pads - These assist in pulling toxins out of the blood, and making the blood less sticky and easier for blood to circulate. De-toxion Pads are placed on the bottom of the foot before bed. As you sleep the De-toxion Pads pull toxins out of the circulatory and lymph systems and lock them into the pad. We recommend using 4 packs initially, which allows for 3 weeks of treatment.  Then a pack can be used every 6 months as a maintenance treatment.
  • Balanced Body Supplement- This supplement is taken over a period of ten days, and assists in cleansing the colon. Cleansing the colon eliminates trapped waste and reduces the toxin load being absorbed through the colon.  

2. Ensure Proper Nutrition:  Many health issues can occur as a result of nutritional deficiencies.  Having a health issue can increase your nutritional needs, as your body is fighting to regain health.  

  • Natural Garlic supplement-  Blocks some toxins from being absorbed into the blood stream.  Also assists in thinning the blood, and allowing it to better circulate.    
  • Diet - Avoid high intakes of Vitamin C, which assists in absorbing iron into the blood stream. Avoid alcohol, certain breakfast cereals with iron, and raw fish. Also avoid cast-iron cookware and acid-rich fruit juices. Limit intake of meat.
  • Natural Calcium Supplement: Using  Calcium to block iron- By taking 300 mg of calcium at mealtime you can reduce the absorption of iron up to 40%.
  • Tea and Coffee- Tea and coffee taken with meals decreases iron absorption.
  • Nutritional supplements can help ensure that your body has the nutrition it needs to accomplish the healing and maintenance processes.
  • We offer an exceptional line of nutrition supplements that were developed through collaboration with a gifted herbalist, and are made here in the United States to pharmaceutical standards.  They contain the most effective ingredients, from the highest quality sources available, to accomplish their targeted purpose.  The simple Muscle Response Test outlined on pgs. 16 & 17 of our catalog will help you to choose the supplement(s) that your body needs most.   This test method, which is used by the large majority of Herbalists, Naturopathic Physicians and Acupuncturists, allows you to get objective, measurable feedback from your body as to what it needs to optimize its health.  
  • If you are in the Tri-Cities area, we can do this testing for you.  If you are not, you will find that it is simple to do for your self.  No special skills are required; just follow the directions on pgs 16 & 17 of our catalog (or on our website).

3. MagFiltered Water System - Water is critical and the body must be well hydrated. Water plays an important factor in ridding the body of excess iron as part of the detoxification process.  Water intake should increase when adjustments to the diet and supplements are made to reduce iron absorption. We recommend MagFiltered Water. This water has been through these processes:

  • Filtration that remove chlorine and all sediments (Chlorine is a significant drying agent).
  • Exposure to a strong magnetic field to break down long molecular chains, making the water more bio-available (i.e.: easier to get into and out of the body’s cells, improving detoxification potential).
  • Minerals are left in the water for improved alkalinity vs. distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water.  A healthy body is slightly alkaline.  Disease can establish itself much more easily in an acidic environment.  

DeToxion Pad information
“Water can make or Break your health”

 Disease Prevention and Treatment: Expanded fourth addition, Edited by Melanie Segala, , Pgs. 935-942
Total Nutrition, Edited by Victor Herbert, St. Martins Press,
 New York. pg 317- 319

The Natural Health Solutions Center’s recommendations are not meant as a substitute for advice from your doctor. If you have a serious or potentially serious health problem, please see a doctor. You may wish to use these suggestions in addition to the treatment prescribed by your doctor; if so, it is best to do so with his or her knowledge.

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