NHSC recommendations for Improving Wellness and Reducing the chances of Future Health Problems

If your goal is to improve and/or maintain your health, there are some very important things you can do.  The logic here is that the products listed below are common denominators in addressing many health problems, such as Arthritis, Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Joint Pain, Osteoporosis, Sleep Problems and Cancer.  Based on success statistics, we are able to guarantee our client’s satisfaction (introductory purchase price guarantee) in dealing with these and a number of other health problems.  It stands to reason that, if these products can successfully address health problems once someone has them, they should be able to significantly reduce the chances of being stricken with these health problems should they be put to use earlier in one’s life.  Additionally, there are many current benefits to using these products, as pointed out below.

Primary recommendations:

1. Nikken Dream Sleep System - consisting of the Dream mattress or the Kenko mattress pad (if you are happy with your current mattress), the Dream Pillow, and the Dream Comforter, which includes both magnetic and far-infrared technologies.

  • During sleep is when your body repairs and rejuvenates itself.
  • Research indicates that a magnetic field improves blood flow allowing for improved recovery from aches & pains, and better overall body functioning and recovery.
  • The far-infrared materials in the sleep system help neutralize acidity within the body to maintain proper pH (slightly alkaline).  Acidity in the body can cause pain, and can raise the chances for disease to take hold (especially cancer).
  • Studies and our experience have shown that people sleep more soundly with this system, and are ultimately more refreshed and energetic, while requiring less time in bed.
  • Other potential benefits: Reduced insomnia, Reduced joint pain & stiffness, Osteoporosis Reversal.

2. Water PiMag-Water - Water is critical to our overall health and the body must be     well hydrated. We recommend PiMag water. PiMag water has been through     these 4 processes:

  • 4 stages of filtration that remove chlorine and all sediments (Chlorine is a significant drying agent and irritant, and it can kill beneficial bacteria in our digestive system, ultimately creating digestion problems).
  • Far-infrared treatment for pH balance and lower acidity throughout the body.
  • Exposure to a strong magnetic field to break down long molecular chains, making the water more bio-available within the body (i.e.: easier to get into and out of the body’s cells.  Also improves joint function).
  • Minerals, such as coral calcium, added into the water for alkalinity.  A healthy body is slightly alkaline.  Disease can establish itself much more easily in an acidic environment.

Additional benefits:

  • Increased strength & energy (easily demonstrable)
  • Lower cholesterol

Recommendation: Health professionals who are knowledgeable about hydration generally recommend drinking the following amount of water each day: body weight in pounds divided by 2 = the number of ounces for daily consumption. For example, a 160 lb. person would drink 80 oz. of water each day.

3. Magstride shoes inserts -- These magnetic shoes inserts are made to stimulate the feet and lower leg. Research and personal experience indicate that they increase blood circulation.  They also significantly increase balance/stability and overall body strength and energy.

Recommendation: These shoe inserts are about the thickness of a Dr. Scholl’s Odor Eater, and are best used in a sport shoe, or any shoe with some extra room in it.  If you need this for a tighter fitting shoe, such as a dress shoe, a thinner insert called the Magstep would be preferable.  ($60/Sm, Med & $70/Lg.)

4. Ensure Proper Nutrition:

  • Nutritional supplements help ensure that your body has the building blocks it needs to accomplish the healing and maintenance process, and boost your immune system to effectively fight disease and free-radical damage.
  • We offer multiple lines of nutrition supplements that are made to pharmaceutical standards, to ensure that we have the right formulation for each person’s needs.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed with each of these nutritional products.
  • If you are in the Tri-Cities area, we recommend our certified nutrition testing program (non-invasive) to determine your individual needs in an objective, measurable way.
  • If you are outside our area, we have standard formulations that we would recommend

Secondary Recommendations:

1. CardioStride Exercise Shoes:
Exercise cleans out the lymphatic system and maintains cardiovascular health. CardioStride Shoes, which are specially designed and weighted, offer the metabolic benefits of 200 minutes of walking in regular exercise shoes compared to only 30 minutes with CardioStrides.

2. Air Wellness Power 5

  • Filters the air of irritants, pollutants, microorganisms, and volatile organic compounds.
  • Negatively ionizes the air to remove dust on which bacteria and viruses can reside, and to increase human energy (easily demonstrated).
  • Reduces exposure to carcinogenic effects of indoor air pollutants such as radon, asbestos, and formaldehyde.  
  • Especially effective for those with allergies, asthma, or emphysema.

Reference resources:
Alternative Medicine, the Definitive Guide, 2nd Ed., by Burton Goldberg
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Lessons from the Miracle Doctors, by Jon Barron

Arthritis Research
Arthritis Testimonial Information
Magnetic Mattress research studies
Application of PEF for Osteoporosis
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Cancer Testimonial Information
Water Can Make or Break your Health (Abbreviated)
Nikken Product Application Sheet (Research Supported)

The Natural Health Solutions Center’s recommendations are not meant as a substitute for advice from your doctor. If you have a serious or potentially serious health problem, please see a doctor. You may wish to use these suggestions in addition to the treatment prescribed by your doctor; if so, it is best to do so with his or her knowledge.


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