NHSC recommendations for Hypertension and Cardiovascular Support

Primary recommendations:    

Cardio-Pack Supplements -  Including:

  • Cardio-Natural Supplement (Jar with 30 day supply) – This supplement is a powder, containing the amino acids Arginine and Citruline, that mixes with water or juice.  These natural amino acids are used by your body to improve vasodilation.  This allows for a natural lowering of blood pressure.  Nobel prize-winning research also indicates that these amino acids can also reduce plaque build up in the arteries.  
  • Natural Omega Complex – Omega fatty acids are important to the whole body, especially the brain.  They help thin the blood, thus improving blood flow, among other benefits.
  • Garlic Complex – Reduces blood platelet aggregation to improve blood flow.  Also removes toxins from the blood (i.e.: chelation effect).         

MagFiltered Water System - With dehydration, the body loses water held inside and outside the body’s cells.  This problem also affects the volume of blood in the circulatory system.  When blood vessels reduce their aperture to compensate for water loss, this causes a rise in blood pressure, which we recognize as hypertension. We recommend MagFiltered Water to improve the bio-availability of water to your cells and body systems and to reduce toxin intake. This water has been through these processes:

  • Filtration that remove chlorine and all sediments (Chlorine is implicated in a number of health issues, including Thyroid function).
  • Exposure to a strong magnetic field to breaks down long molecular chains of water molecules into much smaller groups, making the water more bio-available (i.e.: easier to get into and out of the body’s cells, which also improves water’s detoxification potential).
  • Minerals are left in the water for improved alkalinity vs. distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water, which tends to be more acidic.  A healthy body is slightly alkaline.  Disease can establish itself much more easily in an acidic environment.

Recommendation: We, along with most health practitioners, recommend drinking the following amount of water each day: body weight in pounds divided by 2 = the number of ounces for daily consumption. For example, a 160 lb. person should drink about 80 oz. of water each day.  This can be reduced 10 to 20% when MagFiltered Water is being consumed vs. other forms of water, due to its greater hydration efficiency.

Magnetic bracelet – We are finding that a magnetic bracelet can reduce blood pressure, possibly because the wrist area is an acupressure point.  Our experience to date indicates that best results are achieved when the bracelet is worn on the left wrist.  Research indicates that a magnetic field also allows for increased blood flow.

Additional benefits:

  • Increased strength & energy (10 to 15% usually)
  • Better balance (i.e.: stature & stability)
  • These factors are enhanced with the addition of the magnetic shoe inserts.   

Thin & Natural Weight Loss Supplement - This healthy, natural product can be of great benefit if losing weight will help reduce your blood pressure.  This supplement, in capsule form, suppresses your appetite, while boosting your metabolism, all in a natural, healthy way.     

PowerStride Magnetic Shoes Inserts - These magnetic shoe inserts are made to stimulate the feet and lower leg. Research and personal experience indicate that they increase circulation.  They also significantly increase balance/stability and overall body strength and energy.  (Again, these results can be demonstrated with the simple tests outlined on pg. 15 of our catalog.)   The Weintraub study, a 47 hospital, double-blind study centered at the Medical College of New York,  has shown the beneficial effects of the magnetic shoe inserts on neuropathic pain (i.e.: neuropathy).     

NHS Natural Calcium+ - Calcium and magnesium are essential for blood vessel dilation and regulation of the heartbeat.  It has been noted that people with hypertension also have decreased in calcium and magnesium.

Secondary recommendations:

NHS Magnetic/Infra-red Sleep System - consisting of a magnetic mattress pad, a space age foam Magnetic Pillow, and a special Comforter, which has Far Infra-red properties for acid neutralization in your body.     

  • Research indicates that a magnetic field improves circulation, allowing for improved recovery from discomforts, and better overall body               functioning.  (This can be confirmed though a simple demonstration outlined on pg.15 of our catalog).
  • The far-infrared materials in the sleep system help neutralize acids (i.e.: toxins) within the body to maintain proper pH (slightly alkaline).  Acidity in the body can cause discomfort, and can raise the chances for disease to take hold.
  • Studies and our experience have shown that people sleep more soundly with this system, and ultimately require less time in bed (usually about ½ hour less per night).           

Ensure Proper Nutrition:  

  • Nutritional supplements help ensure that your body has the nutrition it needs to accomplish important healing and maintenance processes.
  • We offer a variety of exceptional nutrition supplements that are whole foods based (Very Important!) and made in the United States to pharmaceutical standards.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed with each of these nutritional products.            
  • If you are in the Tri-Cities area, we recommend our certified nutrition testing program (non-invasive) to determine your individual needs in an objective, measurable way.  
  • If you are outside our area, we have standard formulations that we would recommend, as well as free Benefits Tracking Forms that will help you confirm the benefits you are receiving and feeling.

CardioStride Weighted Shoes – These athletic shoes weigh about 2.5 to 3 pounds each.  Their primary benefit is that they raise your metabolic level during and following exercise, so that 30 minutes of walking in them provides the same calorie burn as walking in regular athletic shoes for about 200 minutes.  This allows for a much more effective use of your time, as well as improved cardiovascular benefits.  They are well made and quite comfortable.  In Alternative Medicine, The Definitive Guide, by Burton Goldberg, it states, “Regular exercise reduces stress and blood pressure, so it is highly recommended as an integral part of your life.  Consistent aerobic exercise can both prevent and lower hypertension.”

Reference Resources:
Magnet Therapy by William H. Philpott, M.D., and Dwight K. Kalita, Ph. D.
Alternative Medicine, The Definitive Guide, by Burton Goldberg
Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj

Blood Pressure Testimonials
 “Water can make or Break your health”
Magnetic Mattress Research

The Natural Health Solutions Center’s recommendations are not meant as a substitute for advice from your doctor. If you have a serious or potentially serious health problem, please see a doctor. You may wish to use these suggestions in addition to the treatment prescribed by your doctor; if so, it is best to do so with his or her knowledge.

Hypertension and Cardiovascular Support

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