Women's Silver Tone Magnetic Bracelet

An elequent two tone design of matte stainless steel, with a polished silver strip inlay makes this a timeless piece. 

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This elegant magnetic link bracelet is designed with two tone matte and polished stainless steel.  Contains 13 - 17 powerful Neodymium Magnets (depending on length) which penetrate over 1 inch to provide flexability and comfort.  Inside each link is a small magnet, allowing this stainless steel link bracelet to deliver benefits beyond its style and beauty.  This nickel free magnetic bracelet has a large 3300 gauss neodymium magnet in each link.  Because this magnetic bracelet is made of 100% stainless steel, it will not tarnish or turn color, and it is well suited to keep on in the bath, shower, or pool, if you choose to do so.  This bracelet closes securely with a snap shut clasp.  Links can easily be removed to accomplish a more tailored fit.  The bracelet is 10mm wide.

This bracelet comes in 3 wrist sizes:

  • Small = 6.5 inches
  • Medium = 7.5 inches
  • Large = 8.5 inches
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Women's Silver Tone Magentic Bracelet