Magnetic Spot Comfort Kit

With this Spot Magnet Comfort Kit, experience the benefits of magnetics anywhere you need them.  These magnets will improve circulation which increases your recovery rate and relieves discomfort.

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Our neodymium spot magnets measure in excess of 12,000 gauss.  These powerful magnets are helpful in getting deep penetration where you need it.  They are clad in a tough nylon, waterproof shell.  Secure in place with the enclosed adhesive patch, or use the enclosed metal disc "keeper" to attach to any garment.  Ideal and convenient for neck, back, shoulder, elbow, knee or foot placement.  Particularly helpful in hard to reach spots where wraps are not helpful.  Be sure to use with the dimpled (negative pole) side toward your body for maximum benefit.


  • 6 magnets (2 x 1/2 inch, 2 x 3/4 inch, 2 x 1 inch)
  • 2 metal retainers
  • 2 adhesive patches

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Magnetic Spot Comfort Kit