X-Bio Infrared Socks

These socks are great for increasing circulation in the lower extremeties as well as removing toxins.

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These socks contain Bio-ceramic materials, which are natural fibers made of various mineral and ceramic oxides.  This material is capable of reflecting infra-red light, which is very therapeutic for your body.  It is Antibacterial/Deodorization features are remarkably strong and long lasting.  Extra Cushioning and special rubber dots on the bottom of the socks for slip-resistance make x-Bio Socks great for athletic use.  And, these socks will help prevent athlete's foot, eczema and bad odor.  Due to their natural infrared and non-slip design, X-Bio Socks are good protective gear for the workers in industrial fields, long-distance drivers and other hard-working people.

The unique advantages are:

  • natural energy and vitality
  • slip-resistant
  • healthy for the feet
  • antibacterial design eliminates bad odors
  • improved athletic performance
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X-Bio Infrared Socks