1. We provide the essential products necessary to help you maximize your longevity and quality of life.  These products will optimize your:

  • Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Circulation
  • Sleep
  • Toxin Removal

2. We are certified in Muscle Response Testing (i.e.: Nutrition Testing, common to Herbalists and Naturopathic Physicians)

3. Through Muscle Response Testing we can usually determine:

  • The root cause(s) of health problems
  • Primary Allergens, if applicable
  • The supplements that will be most helpful
  • The proper dosage of each supplement

4. Nutrition testing can be done on site or remotely over a Zoom Video Call

5. All supplements have been tested for efficacy and are the best that we have been able to find, regardless of price (though we strive to keep prices very reasonable).

6. We offer a Client Directed Replenishment Program:

  • Supplement shipments monitored for replacement timing
  • Replenishment usually based on a 2 month cycle
  • Email reminders sent when needs are projected
  • No shipment until order confirmed by client
  • 10% discount allowed
  • Shipping through US Priority Mail, Tracked

7. Semi-annual conversation to answer questions and address any new health needs

8. Available to answer or research health questions anytime

9. Satisfaction Guaranteed with our recommendations

10. Newsletters to update clients on research findings and new health solutions

11. All recommendations backed by:

  • Scientific documentation
  • Naturopathic or Integrative Physician recommendations
  • Muscle Response Tests to confirm efficacy

12. Effective Nature based Protocols for most health issues (Ex.: Arthritis, Auto-immune, Back, Blood Pressure, Carpel Tunnel, Cholesterol, Circulation, Depression, Digestion, Endocrine, Headaches, Immunity, Joint, Sexual Function, Sleep, Skin, Weight, etc.)

13. Anti-Aging Options:

  • Brain Function – Avoid mental fog, Depression & Dementia
  • Cardiovascular Health – Keeping your arteries clear of plaque
  • Collagen -- For Skin and Vascular elasticity (your biologic age can be measured by the flexibility of your vascular system. Brittle is bad).
  • Immunity – To avoid getting sick and reduce the cancer risk.
  • Prostate Support -- To avoid Hypertrophy, Frequent urination & Cancer
  • Testosterone Support – To maintain energy, weight, & sexual function
  • Women’s Hormonal Support – Delay & Minimize Menopause Issues